Colossus Method

Marco Di Zazzo

The athlete Marco Di Zazzo chose the Colossus Method to prepare for the European championships in Lithuania, finishing third.

Riccardo Grossi

The young athlete Riccardo Grossi, who has always been passionate about engines, is ready to participate in the six Cup races ACI Sport Area Central Italy.

Giovanni Baris

Giovanni Baris started practicing karate at the age of 6 and now at just 14 years old he is 1st kyu brown belt.

Enrico Fraccola

Enrico Fraccola (08/23/2005) began practicing shotokan karate at the age of 6, participating in numerous competitions at regional and national level, finishing in first place.

Luca Di Vizio

Luca di Vizio is an 8 kyu blue belt: in Kudo who began practicing in 2019 at just 13 years old with sensei Marco di Zazzo.