Colossus Method

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Francesco Calarco

Colossus Method

training method that aims to prevent injuries by developing endurance, strength and achieving balance

Maximise strength

The method focuses on time-based techniques and progressions to maximise strength and musculoskeletal explosiveness, improving the quality of training and performance while minimising the risk of injury.

Develop endurance

This method gradually improves cardiovascular and muscular endurance, preparing you for long-term activities such as running and cycling, increasing your ability to sustain prolonged effort.

Achieve balance

This method aims to improve your physical endurance through a gradual approach. Workouts allow you to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance over time.

Prevent injuries

By focusing on correct form and strengthening of vulnerable areas, this method reduces the risk of injury during professional and non-professional training, allowing pain-free physical activity while minimising the risk of injury

Prof. Ph.D F. Calarco

After obtaining the ISEF Higher Diploma, Degrees in Physiotherapy, Motor Sciences, Osteopathy, the Ph.D. and 7 Master’s degrees, he further increased his knowledge with 3 years as Head of the University Scientific Research Department. Where he has the opportunity to develop the study on induced and controlled thermal shock which will then be the topic of his Doctoral thesis, an integral and fundamental part of the COLOSSUS METHOD. Winner of 2 teaching competitions, grade I and II, he is a tenured teacher of Motor Sciences. The important in-depth study on the treatment of atrophic skin ulcers in patients with or without venous insufficiency through the application of zinc oxide bandage completed by elastocompressive bandage such as Kinesiotaping with authors Dr. certainly deserves mention. Dr. Ph.D. Renda Pietro, Dr. Botan Adrian and Prof. Ph.D Francesco Calarco. The participating facilities were the Department of plastic surgery, reconstructive microsurgery and major burns of the Targu Mures Regional Hospital (Romania).


Soon to be published is the book on the Colossus Method.

The Method

After a long process of study, he first created the KCM with studies on the effect of Induced and Controlled Thermal Shock to arrive at the COLOSSUS METHOD, which, in fact, is launching a revolution in the concept of athletic preparation, prevention of muscular and articular injuries and motor rehabilitation.

The Method, the result of years of study and research, will make its entrance into the international sporting world at the EUROPEAN KUDO CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 with national athlete Marco Di Zazzo, who has adopted it to prepare for the competition.


Marco Di Zazzo and his Seishin Dojo

The Colossus Method was chosen by Marco Di Zazzo, 2°dan of Kudo Daido Juku, for his preparation for the European Championships in Lithuania on October 29, 2023. On this occasion, the athlete of the Italian national Kudo team ranked third, thus achieving his best career result at the age of 35. The Colossus Method thus made its debut in a continental competition demonstrating its enormous potential.

Master Marco Di Zazzo’s Dojo Seishin in Cassino uses the Colossus Method to prepare athletes who will participate in the national championships.

THE services

What the Colossus Method offers

> Consulting for sports clubs and sports agents

Consulting for sports clubs and sports agents on acquisition negotiations for the sports performance of the athlete in question with Colossus Method report covering all physical and personal aspects. To guarantee a risk-free transaction.

> Consulting for sports clubs on injuries

To sharply reduce the risk of musculoskeletal, joint and tendon injuries to its members’ musculoskeletal, joint and tendon systems

> Physical training and maintenance management plan

Physical training and maintenance management plan for professional and non-professional athletes, maximizing their capabilities in the safety of injury prevention

> Rehabilitation and reathletization plan

for professional clubs, amateur clubs, professional athletes, amateur athletes, and amateur athletes

> Consulting and management of sports groups

Consulting and management of sports groups for universities and schools with Colossus METHOD preparation

> Conferences

Conference activities for universities, I and II GRADE schools to explain the strategies and all points of the COLOSSUS METHOD

> Preparation for a sports competition

Preparation for a specific sports competition ( world, European, national championship, Olympiad etc) with training plans of 5, 7, 9 weeks


Maximise strength


Develop endurance


Achieve balance


Prevent injuries


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